The Cup and Handle and Handle and Handle Pattern

So I'm flipping through charts this week and I come across the daily chart of Walt Disney Co ($DIS).  Following my traditional chart approach, I start at the right side of the chart to see where the price is at now related to its previous moves.  Higher highs and higher lows, clear uptrend.

I then look for any patterns and I see a beautiful cup and handle pattern, with a long rounded bottom, then a shallow correction after it reaches the resistance level of the pattern, then a solid breakout to the upside.

I'm then struck by the stepwise motion of the stock trading higher and higher.  It's as if a series of handles have attached themselves to the coffee cup.

Any potential issues?  Bearish divergence from RSI (top panel), similar to what I see on the $SPX chart and many other names as well.  Not a disaster, but certainly a red flag to keep an eye on how the chart proceeds from here.

How do we think of a chart like this?  The consistent uptrend suggests buyers pushing the price higher, willing to pay more for $DIS over time.  The best part is there are clear support levels, with each of the series of higher lows providing a perfect price point at which to revisit a long position.

Up and to the right?  Good.

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