Speaking Engagements

David Keller is a frequent guest speaker for financial media, webcasts, podcasts, and live events. Dave is known for making complex financial topics more simple and accessible for attendees.

Looking to upgrade your event with a lively discussion of market dynamics, behavioral psychology, and decision making for investors? Contact Dave here.


how to be a better investor

In this interview with Real Vision, Dave compares investing to the process of learning to fly an airplane. The use of checklists, the role of emotions in decision making, emergency preparedness, and the importance of routines are all related back to the challenges investors face every day.

Upgrade your investment process

On his Market Misbehavior YouTube channel, Dave nudges investors to reflect on their own investment process and look for incremental upgrades to improve decision making. Here he challenges viewers to think about how they use those first moments of each day.

the final bar on stockcharts tv

Dave is the host of the daily closing bell show The Final Bar on StockCharts TV. Friday’s feature a “Wrap the Week” segment where he relates the week’s price action to the long-term market trends.

s&p 500 market outlook on bloomberg tv

A frequent guest on financial media, Dave enjoys breaking down the financial markets from a technical and behavioral perspective. Here he shares three charts that should help investors maximize returns and minimize risk.